Recent Achievements of “The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn”

in Athens, Greece, 2009

date: 13th October 2009—30th June 2010
venue: ACG Art Gallery
organized by The American College of Greece

in Lefkada, Greece, 2010

date: 15th July 2009—5th August 2010
venue: Art Gallery, Lefkas Cultural Center
organized by The American College of Greece

in Matsue, Japan, 2010

date: 10th October—14th November 2010
venue: Matsue Castle, Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum and Karakoro Art Gallery
organized by Municipality of Matsue

in New York, USA, 2011

date: 30th October—14th November 2011
venue: The Nippon Gallery, The Nippon Club
organized by Municipality of Matsue

in New Orleans, USA, 2012

date: 18th—28th October 2012
venue: Tulane University
organized by Municipality of Matsue

in Lefkada, Athens and Corfu, Greece, 2014

date: 3rd—7th July 2014
venue: Lefkas Cultural Center, Inonian Blue Hotel, Lefkada | The American College of Greece, Athens | Corfu Museum of Asian Art, Corfu
organized by The Planning Committee for the Memorial Events in Greece to Commemorate the 110th Anniversary of Lafcadio Hearn’s Death

Commemorating 110th anniversary of the death of Lafcadio Hearn, International Symposium was held in Lefkada, Greece, his birth place. During the two-day symposium, nine panelists from five countries spoke from various points of view, focusing on how Hearn’s mind developed and opened with his unique background and different cultures he experienced. The purpose of the symposium was to find out how his thoughts can be used in the modern society and to search for the possibility of creation of culture based on his open mind.
On this occasion, a resource center opened in the Lefkas Cultural Center and has been utilized as a cultural source for the city. Also a performance featuring Hearn’s work was held, attracting about 2,000 people including the participants of the symposium. They are the first historical events for Hearn in Greece.