The Irish Today: The Open Mind of Patrick Lafcadio Hearn—Coming Home Dublin/Tramore Co Waterford

The Irish Today

The Munster Express: Tramore celebrates Japanese culture

Tramore celebrates Japanese culture

The Green Book, Issue 6, Dublin: The Swan River Press, Aug 2015.

The Green Book 6 – The Swan River Press

The Green Book 6

The Green Book 6: "Early Influences on Lafcadio Hearn" by John Moran

Posted by The Green Book on 2015年8月22日

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Lafcadio Hearn, Insect Literature, Dublin: The Swan River Press, Oct 2015.

Insect Literature – The Swan River Press

Lafcadio Hearn and Mitchell McDonald

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The Munster Express: Honouring Hearn in Tramore

Honouring Hearn in Tramore

Improvisation by Kyoji Yamamoto (electric guitar) & Mami Yoneyama (pipe organ) at St. Ann’s Church, Dublin

Newsletter, Embassy of Ireland in Japan, Autumn 2015


Lafcadio Hearn Reading Performance at Nun’s Island Theatre, Galway on 13 Oct

We played @ Nuns Island theatre in Galway on 13/Oct. アイルランドツアー最終日はゴールウェイの古い小劇場で行われました。足元にはモニターもなく、これまでと演奏環境はがらりと変わりましたが、…

Posted by 山本 恭司 on 2015年10月17日

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Welcome Event in Cong on 13 Oct


Kyoji Yamamoto Live at The Kings Head Pub, Galway on 12 Oct

Kyoji Yamamoto live in Galway. I had a wonderful reaction. I wanna go back and play there again♪昨夜のゴールウェイのライブの模様です。本当に素…

Posted by Kyoji Yamamoto 山本恭司 on 2015年10月13日

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